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Massage chair Tosan - with inversion-stretch function

Inversion-Stretch–Function (selection of different lying angles; active massage – the chair will continually go up and down)

Rotate – Function (rotate the seat in different angles; the lowest angle can reach up to 190º encouraging the blood circulation of the whole body)

Three-width & 7-speed adjustable

Manual time setting ( 5, 20, 30 minutes)

Shiatsu-, kneading, tapping manual massage functions

Combine kneading-tapping work simultaneously

Rhythm vibration for armrest & seat cushion (3-auto-program adjustable)

Heat for backrest

Calves-massage (kneading- und swinging-massage; 3-speed adjustable)

LCD remote control with flexible holder

Electrical reclining for backrest and footrest 

Super silent device

Maintenance - free 

Cover material: high-quality leatherett

Natural anion generator-ionizer – can be ordered (optionally)

Technical data:
Two years guarantee

120VAC/60Hz/140-400 Watt

Gross weight: ca. 73 kg; packaging measures: ca. L107cm x W75cm x H77cm

Net weight: ca. 60 kg; measurement: ca. L81cm x W82cm x H116cm (in lying position: ca. L160cm x W82cm x H72cm)

Available in various colours

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