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Electric Massage-Gloves T-Feel

There's a description for each kind of massage (picture above).

Massaging with T-FEEL electro- massage gloves is wonderful to relax quickly after a long, hard day. The massage can soothe pain, overcome tiredness, increase vitality, and all in all contribute to a higher quality of life. T-FEEL massage is based on the knowledge of traditional Chinese acupressure methods. After regular, correct application, you will soon enjoy the first positive effects.

Body massage: A wonderful way to quickly relax after a hard, long day!

Head massage: Improves the quality of your sleep and mental concentration. Activates hair follicles!

Face massage: Prevents and reduces lines on face and forehead!

Eye zone massage:  Revitalizes the eye zone through improved blood circulation!

Belly massage: Improves and firms belly muscles, improves blood circulation!

Neck massage: Prevents stiff neck!

Hand and foot massage: Traditional Far-Eastern pressure point massage!

Packaging contains:

Package includes: 2 Electro-Massage Gloves, 2 controllers, AC/DC Adapter, English and German operational guide.

The brailles on the controllers show our considerate care for everybody!

The sticker on the wrest make it free to choose the degree of tightness.

The elasticity materials on the fingers make it suitable for big or small palms.

The soft but wear-resistant materials on the palm make it cozy for touching

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