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Mental system LitoVital - Light and Sound - Mind Machine with integrated CD-Player


Key specifications:
With 50 built-in light & sound sessions

Five „Autopilot“ - programs – for generating an unlimited number of unique Light and Sound session each targeting a different brain wave state
(Alpha, Beta, Theta, Delta) 

Store up to 25 new „Autopilot“ generated programs

Time adjustment for any program from 5 minutes to
2 hours

Six unique stimulation modes

A full frequency range of 5Hz – 40Hz

Hemi–sync-signal (turbo relaxation)

Outstanding binaural sound synchronized with the lights

Complete manual control

Convenient Thumb-wheel control of brightness and volume

Personal Preference Program (PPP) to store your favourite settings

LCD – Display

Sparkle-Function for excellent visuals by controlling and changing the duty cycle (10% bis 90%)

Softshift–Function (soft visual transitions)

Suitable for language learning (Superlearning) and suggestion programs

CD-ROM - Function

Not suitable for epileptic and cardiac pacemaker - holder

Incl. visualization glasses, head phones, two relaxations-CD’s, power cord, adapter cord

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