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Foot Reflex Massage through Electro waves

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Foot Reflex Massage through Electro waves can be used at home, office, medical clinics, Fitness- and cosmetic studio

The T-Reflex electro-massage-device is actually a T.E.N.S. (Transcutaneous Electrical Neurological Stimulation Device) , a technology which has been used for the past two decades by physicians and physiotherapists worldwide to treat pain and other disease symptoms, we encourage you to check out for yourself the many conditions that these safe therapeutic machines are known to help.

The T-Reflex electro-massage-device is a compact, physiotherapeutic device developed by a team of doctors and electronic engineers. It combines traditional foot reflexology and acupressure modalities with proven T.E.N.S technologies to provide a drug-free, safe and easy-to-use alternative for pain management, circulatory stimulation, stress relaxation, and general health conditioning.

It's unique design allows for a treatment to be delivered -- from head to toe -- through the stimulation of organ nerve endings in the feet and through the six separate electrodes that can be placed on different localities of the user's or another person's body. We encourage you to check out for yourself the many conditions that these safe therapeutic machines are known to help.

 Based on principles of traditional foot refloxology and acupuncture theory targets a variety of conditions in human body with electro waves (TENS)

For a complete body (head to toe) treatment, supporting immune system and restoring the energy level in the body.

Product details:
Provides a complete body (head to toe) treatment massage through electro waves

Includes 3 different electrode inlets and 2 hand therapy bars Massage program durations

Massage program durations: 1-60 minutes

Adjustable intensity levels: 1-99

15 different waves (Link, Wellenform) with 1 minute intervals

Can be used at home, office or in clinics

Package includes Remote Control, 6 electrodes, 2 hand therapy bars

and AC/DC adaptor

Easy to use

2 years warranty

Lieferumfang: Fernbedienung, 6 Electricden, 2 Hand-Therapie-Stäbe,

AC/DC Adapter und deutsche und englische Bedienungsanleitung

Zwei Jahre Garantie

Hinweise zur Benutzung:
Der Gebrauch des T-Reflex Electric-Massage-devicess ist sehr sicher. Es wurde von einer Gruppe von Ärzten und Electric-Ingenieuren auf den Grundlagen international streng überwachter Forschungen entwickelt.

Sind Sie jedoch in medizinischer Behandlung, dann sprechen Sie vor Benutzung des devicess unbedingt mit Ihrem Arzt.
Wir weisen ausdrücklich darauf hin, dass die Patienten mit Herzkrankheiten, Herzschrittmacher, bösartigem Tumor, Schwangere oder Personen, die gerade eine Operation hinter sich haben, sollten vor Anwendung des devicess unbedingt ihren Arzt hierzu befragen. Patienten mit einem Herzschrittmacher sollten das Gerät niemals ohne vorherige ärztliche Konsultation benutzen !

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